Patient TestimonialS

“Dr. Andrew Skigen has extracted two of my teeth and implanted two replacements for those teeth.  The process was painless, efficient and affordable.  I continue to be fascinated with this process and the professional capable of performing it with such apparent ease and confidence.  Dr. Skigen is kind, timely and professional.  The staff shares these same qualities.  I will continue to support Dr. Skigen – he is My Oral Surgeon!”

– B.L.P. 

“Wow, did I ever get lucky!  We all know it is hard moving into a new era of the country and having to find new doctors and dentists, etc.  Well, I hit the jackpot when I moved to Jacksonville and found Dr. Stephanie Henley.

I had one of those days that started out great but quickly turned bad fast.  I was eating lunch when my tooth, that had given me trouble for years, broke.  I already had two root canals and two previous crowns on this tooth.  I knew it was bad and not likely to be an easy fix.  I called around to a few people in my new neighborhood and was given Dr. Henley’s contact information with high recommendations.  I called her office and they were able to rush me in right away.  I actually got to speak to the doctor and she was sympathetic to my pain and situation.  Her was great as well.

Upon getting to the office and meeting Dr. Henley, my experience was awesome!  It was so comforting knowing that she is not only a dentist but an MD as well!  Boy, is she smart and has a ton of experience.  On top of it all, she has a great bedside manner.  You can talk to her about anything and she takes the time to listen.  She runs through the pros and cons with you regarding you treatment options.  She took good care of me.  We had to finally take care of this problem tooth once and for all by extracting it and going with an implant.  The procedure wasn’t that bad at all.  Like I said, I really hit the jackpot!  Unfortunately for me I have been to a lot of dentist and oral surgeons in my life and none as good as Dr. Henley.  No one wants to go through a procedure like that, but it sure makes it a lot easier when you have a good doctor to go to that you are comfortable with and can trust.   If you can’t tell by now, I highly recommend Dr. Henley.  You won’t be disappointed!”

– B.B.

“I had oral surgery with Dr. Henley in January 2014.  I was probably more nervous than the average patient.  There was also a chance I would lose at least one tooth.  I expressed my concerns to her and she assured me that she would do everything she could to save the tooth.  She performed the surgery and worked around the tooth, which I know was extremely difficult.  Dr. Henley and her staff, while being very professional, were extremely calming and caring.  They all went above and beyond to keep me calm and reassure me that the procedure was going well.  She is an excellent doctor and has a very calming demeanor.  I would highly recommend her to anybody who is in need of oral surgery.  Her professionalism and knowledge are by far the best I’ve ever seen.”


“I met Dr. Stephanie Henley after a bicycle accident 9/12/14.  I sustained a left orbit fracture, left temporal fracture and concussion.  On my first visit, I was surprised by her youth.  However, she immediately gained my confidence while she very gently examined me and explained in detail the nature of my injuries and the surgery necessary to resolve the problem.  She was knowledgeable, calm and took time to answer all my questions.  Her office space is immaculate and her office staff is very pleasant.”


“Last year I had a tooth implant procedure done by Dr. Henley.  She performed a sinus elevation and bone grafting and, in months later, an abutment installed.  Dr. Henley was very thorough in patient care etiquette, starting with the initial procedures such as x-rays and CT scans and explanation in layman’s term of pros and cons of various options in pain management to post ops visits, all done to ensure success with no complications.  In short, Dr. Henley took very good care of me.  I like visiting her new office.  It is well kept and clean.  It spells an air of high quality and professionalism.”


“My experience with Dr. Henley and her staff was an enjoyable one.  Dr. Henley’s knowledge and assurance of the surgery, along with her and her staff’s thoughtfulness and compassion, transformed a possibly dreadful experience into one of ease.  I would wholeheartedly suggest Dr. Henley to anyone in need of oral or dental care.”