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Why are Wisdom Teeth Extractions So Common?

Most patients simply do not have enough room in the mouth to accommodate their wisdom teeth. Because of this lack of space, wisdom teeth tend to grow in sideways or become impacted, which can cause various oral health problems such as the following:

• Tooth Damage. Wisdom teeth that grow in too close can crown other molars and even damage adjacent roots. • Infections. If a wisdom tooth is partially or completely stuck beneath the gums, bacteria can form and cause infections. • Cysts and Tumors. Severe infections are known to cause cysts, or even tumors, to form around your wisdom teeth. If not treated promptly, damage to the surrounding bone tissue can occur. • Shifting of Teeth. When a wisdom tooth erupts from the gums, it can push the surrounding teeth to another position, which can affect the alignment of your bite.

Because wisdom teeth/third molars can develop beneath the gums years before they emerge, we encourage you to attend regular checkups with your dentist so that they can monitor the development of your wisdom teeth. Your First Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon can determine the appropriate time to refer you to us for extraction before you suffer costly and uncomfortable complications such as impaction, infection, pain, dental disease, and more.

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