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All-On-Four Implants in Jacksonville, FL

Our Full Mouth Implants (also known as All-On-Four treatments) are best for people who desire full chewing ability, high esthetics, and a non-removable option. These teeth are completely lifelike and will be indistinguishable from natural teeth or veneers.

Simply put Full Mouth Implants are a seamless way to effectively restore someone’s entire smile and chewing abilities. A full set of teeth can be supported by as few as four to six dental implants and have extremely high long-term success rates, hence the term All On 4 or All On 6. Full Mouth Implants also allow teeth to be attached to the implants the same day of the procedure. They use the combined power of each individual implant to disperse the load that chewing places on to them. This is referred to as “cross-arch stabilization.” With this foundation, the ability to fabricate a beautiful restoration that can last a lifetime is set.

Have more questions about All-On-Four? Give us a call or if you are ready now, click the appointment link below!

Jacksonville Office: (904)565-1505 Lake City Office: (386)243-8343 Amelia Island Office: (904)491-0111 Orange Park: (904)272-8484

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