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What Does "All Under One Roof" Really Mean?

You’ve certainly heard that wise, old saying before. And you know the rest of it: “….and a master of none!” So, how does that apply to your smile and happiness?

Before we discuss that, for a brief moment put your medical “thinking cap” on. Should you, or someone you love, ever have a heart attack, would you seek the medical care and advice of an OB/GYN….instead of a cardiologist/heart specialist? Certainly not!

If you developed lung cancer, would you seek care from an orthopedic surgeon? Again, of course not! You wouldn’t do that any more than if you had a race car to run in the Daytona 500 than you would allow someone who repairs on go-kart engines to work on your race car engine. Why not? Sure, both race cars and go-karts have engines, but the knowledge required to work on racing engines is significantly more than to work on go-kart engines, right?!! The same holds true in the practice of dentistry. After graduation from dental school, some dentists go into advanced specialty training programs, which can last up to an additional 6 years of specialized training in surgery, including significant dental implant placement experience.

When someone focuses their efforts and training in one area, they can become a master of it, and not just a “Jack of all trades….” who spreads their efforts out over the entire field of dentistry. The decision of who to entrust with the care of your smile and oral health is up to you. There’s one more wise, old saying, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right.” You could have an experienced, surgical specialist place your dental implants, or you could give a well-intentioned, general dental practitioner “Jack,” a try at it.

Remember, you have only one mouth. One smile. Choose wisely. Because your choice will show.

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