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Which Day of the Week is Best for Surgery?

Have you avoided scheduling oral surgery because you're concerned about taking time away from work? TGIF! Did you know Fridays are the day of the week most dentists and oral surgeons recommend for surgery appointments because there is a two-day weekend to recuperate? And in many cases, this may be all the time anyone needs.

But, the length of time a dentist feels is necessary before heading back to work is an estimate. Recovery time is dependent on the following factors:

• The type of surgery • The person's current medical condition • How well they follow post-surgery instructions and take prescribed medication • Whether or not they experience complications

For anyone who wants to quickly return to a normal routine at home and at work, here's the most important piece of advice: Follow the post-operative instructions ... verbatim! These directives help ease pain, promote healing and prevent after-surgery complications, like dry sockets. You should call your surgeon immediately if you experience any unusual discomfort or bleeding.

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