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Relax And Leave Your Anxiety At Home

We understand the anxiety people feel when they go to the dentist, especially an oral surgeon. Maybe you had a traumatic dental experience in your past or you simply don’t enjoy the feeling of someone’s hands in your mouth. The thought of undergoing mouth “surgery” can lead to feeling even more apprehensive.

A consultation with one of our doctors is the first step toward making sure you feel confident and reassured. What we often find is that a patient’s anxiety stems from more deep-seated concerns.

Patients don’t come into our office because they want “surgery.” They come to see us because they either want to get out of pain or desire to rejuvenate their mouth to a more healthy state that they remember from their past or that they always desired to attain. These desires, however, come packaged with fears as well: Will the procedure itself be more painful that the pain I’m currently experiencing? Will my problem ultimately get fixed? Will my mouth look and function the way that I want it to in the end?

Both of our doctors, Dr. Skigen and Dr. Massaro begin our consultation appointments by doing a lot of listening. We need to find out what your chief complaints are and we need to address those concerns as we propose treatment.

We hope this helps you feel more at ease about visiting our offices of First Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jacksonville Office: (904)565-1505 Lake City Office: (386)243-8343 Amelia Island Office: (904)491-0111 Click the link below to schedule an appointment: 📅 #firstcoastOMS #oralsurgery

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