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Abutment and Placement of Dental Implants

Most implants have three pieces: the implant that goes in your bone, the abutment (or connector) that holds the tooth, and the crown tooth that attaches to the abutment. The crown is shaped like a tooth and made to look like the others around it so that it is not obviously false. Abutments are made of different materials, most commonly titanium, but they can also be made of gold or zirconia. A special type of dental cement is used to keep the crown attached to the abutment. Well made dental implants have a very tight connection between the implant and the abutment. This is important for the long-term maintenance of your bone around the implant.

The Benefits of Implant Abutments and Crowns:

  • No slipping to ensure natural speech and chewing ability

  • Natural appearance and feel of teeth

  • Eliminating pain and discomfort that can be caused by traditional dentures or bridges

Please call First Coast Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for more information about dental implant abutment and crown placement. We can help restore your beautiful smile!

Jacksonville Office: (904)565-1505 Lake City Office: (386)243-8343 Amelia Island Office: (904)491-0111 Click the link below to schedule an appointment: 📅 #firstcoastOMS #oralsurgery

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